A brief description of the state and artistic life of Haj Maswar al-Mulki

Painting is an art that arises from the soul and sits in the soul. It is a result whose seed is planted in the ground of knowledge, nurtured in the light of imagination and reaped with a scythe, made and paid for by the skilled hand of a painter, and becomes food for the soul of every discerning viewer. (Hajj Maswar al-Mulki)

The vast sky of Iran’s art has long been bright with the light of stars that have created and are creating beauty in various fields of art. Master Maswar al-Malki is one of those burning stars who rose in the field of Iranian art and became immortal.
The late professor Mohammad Hossein Maswar al-Molki, known as Haj Maswar al-Malki, a renowned Iranian designer, poet and painter, was born in Isfahan in 1269 AH in a family of artists who have been painters for generations since the Safavid era.
The beginning of his artistic career goes back to the time when, at the age of eleven, he learned the basics of painting in his father’s painting studio, the late Mohammad Hassan Naqsh. Two years later, his father died and the shadow of a great teacher disappeared from Mohammad Hossein Tanzanah, and after that no other teacher was his guide on the path of art except love.