Master Mohammad Ali Saee Isfahani was born in 1957 in a noble and artistic family in Isfahan, Iran. Saee Isfahani learnt toreutic methods from his elder brother Amir Saee Isfahani who is an eminent master of toreutics in the legendary district of Isfahan.

Having concocted old methods with the modern ones of this field during years of hardships and perseverance, he created a super different style of art to bring such art and precious heritage to the apex of completion. His noble works have been exhibited not only in his hometown, Isfahan, but also all over Iran and in the accredited museums inside and outside the country. The fruit of attempts and art knowledge of his was definitely a great aid to develop and maintain the handicrafts industry. Noteworthy, in 2004, Iran Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization awarded him an honorary doctorate of arts for his 4 decades of attempts in different aspects of culture and art for keeping precious sources of toreutic art and his honestly transferring of them to the new generation. Master Saee Isfahani considers teaching his art and experiences as a duty besides his trying to create splendid works of art and have trained a great number of students for the world of art. His son, Behzad Saee Isfahani, is one of his students having learnt a great deal from his father’s thoughts and talents and is working with inconceivable passion as a student for such undisputed master, his father.