Mohammad Saeed Parvaresh was born in 1340 in an artistic family in Esfahan . He finished his primary , secondary and high school in this city . he got his baccalaureate degree in literature of Arab in 1961 from collage of literature university of Alameh Tabatabaeie ,Tehran . he started to learn the art of <<Lattice work>> under the supervision of his father and his distinguished instructor deceased Haj Abdolhosein Kadkhoda . one of the famous artist in this field in Esfahan . first by cutting small pieces of cupper , brass or aluminum and in continuation of his work on expensive metals like Gold and Silver . he made some other things like tray , special tea clips , juice glasses or some other fancy dishes . some of his major works are on signs and banners with verses from the Koran and discourse from religious leaders and also flower and bird and miniature from different metals and making dishes from silver and gold .