Mehdi Ghorbani was born in Isfahan in 1959 . He tells about his artistic activities  : “ from childhood  I had been fascinated by painting, but my father going to the conservatory was opposed and said: “Art is useless for you “ . During the old system of school district and the province of painting competitions in successive years, I won first place, Finally, seven years after getting a diploma entrance examination with the company thirty-third grade art painting was accepted and I was awarded a longtime dream. Then, continuing education for master paintings and I currently work teaching art in secondary schools have . Now with artistic success, my father and I will honor my art . After the revolution, revolutionary institutions working on its activities in the downtime I started drawing more great images in the fields and cities of Isfahan, Khuzestan, Kermanshah, Yazd and seen my work is  . Mehdi Ghorbani has taken in  Fajr Tournaments  First and Second place win in the downtime also decor and background music concerts and theater festivals international film festival for children and adolescents has worked well. Also, topographical models Province Transportation Department, and replica sets replica Ghadir Garden Office Environment Isfahan his work .  Ghorbani   in several solo and group exhibitions as well as in Persian Gulf countries have participated in  year 1997 , also:

Solo exhibition in 1986 at the Abbasi Hotel

solo exhibition at the Hotel Kosar in 1990

in bits Leader solo exhibition in 1994

at the Chapter House in 1994

solo exhibition at the Art Gallery Kosar  in 1997

solo exhibition in 2001 at the Art Gallery Kosar