Mehdi ee  in Esfahan was born in 1954. In 11 years old , started  painting carpet  and after primary school in 1968 went to  the Conservatory of Fine Arts of Isfahan road and found the overall power and talent  used presence of  such men: Professor Jazi Zadeh and Professor Javad Rostam Shirazi and next year chose miniature field  . These years President of the Conservatory were responsible for the  Mr. Aboo ata. Two years later forced to leave high school because he was born in a medium family. His father  too, benefit from the art Gold Weaving Mars lander was spiritual and cultural orientation, he painted the carpet shop Professor Shaademan , and until 1975 he had the honor student apprentice. Literature in 1976 received diplomas independently from this  year in beside of  carpet market with a store established scientific belief in all aspects of Iranian carpet being tried as much as possible their awareness and knowledge in different fields, especially design and art culture painting Carpet color and increase And work with over the years learning centers and universities and scientific and some publications related to the books carpet art and to be aware , Release this context that he was encouraged to further develop and different faces paintings  spiritual themes and innovative facilities  interest be Since her short Mistrust seeking a new logic of innovation and maintaining all rates Basic art achieve. In 2001 as a designer role processor chosen first meeting Festival shoulders Crystal received tablets craft carpet weaving in Iran attains been, and also three course successive festival TOP Carpets Iran first place win in different styles received the plaque and statue of Premier by Evaluation Council and the country’s artists to receive a plaque grade art that it attains been praised for its best knows. Now, in cooperation with the National Iranian Carpet Center and commitment to the board of directors responsible for painting handmade carpets in Isfahan province, backpack load of experience and others, and love stands firm And time commitment of mind and belief that the essence of happiness and just knows the values ​​taken on the shoulders and serves. today from 66 individual and collective exhibitions in and several foreign countries participated in the main Larry and museums with works inside and outside Iran, is worthwhile and valuable. In this regard the 2007 mark “GE M. Isfahan” registered and received quality management certification ISO 9001-2008 “” been achieved in several stages and 70 of the drawings appeared carpets, intellectual property rights have been set for their birth certificates and national code was issued.