In 1957 in an artistic family and in the city of Esfahan , she opened her eyes to this world . from her childhood she become familiar with her father’s enamel work on dishes and practically from the year 1976 she started to do enameling and gilding work under the watch of her diseased father master of art Gholamhoseyn Feyzollahi and learned a lot from him . at same time , in addition to , her going to regular schools she also started to learn miniature from master of art Hosein Honardoost and master Kavosh and then for a while she was teaching at the school of fine arts and technical school those mentioned above subjects . at the beginning of the school year 93-94 and with the official permit from the department of education and request from art students she has started her private sessions up to 10 hours daily working with [paint and paint brush teaching and training several students whom are busy working in this field these days . since 2007 , she has been teaching at the university of art Farsan Azad university of Najafabad , Payam Noor university up to the present time . she has been practicing in numerous exhibitions that has been formed by artists and different organizations and also exhibitions around the world .