Date and place of birth :

1945 , Esfahan ,Iran

Training and education :

From the age of 8 , he started to learn the art of engraving on copper and brass from his father in his work shop .during the whole 56 years of his activities in this field continually advanced his works and increased his skills . today , he is one of the most distinguished artists in this line of work . he is familiar with different styles of this art . he has also established a new style of work in engraving by himself .

Works and effects :

Special skill in engraving , Nastaliq , Sols and Naskh ( Styles of Iranian hand writings ) . many outstanding and newly done work has been created by him and samples of them are in the museum of handcrafts , palace of Sadabad , museum of Haj & Ziarat and also in collection owned by private collectors both inside and outside of the country .