Mohammad Eskandari son of Yadollah was born in the city of Esfahan in year 1943 . from the age of almost 7 entered into the field of engraving and under the supervision of art masters such as Haaj Taghi Zoofan . Mr. Khosravani and also Master of art Ashrafzadeh was able to learn and become highly skilled . after many ups and downs in this field and leaving behind the period of apprentice ship at the age of 19 started to work independently and came up with new design in this field too . he got married when he was twenty one and as a result of this marriage he has five children now . with the help of God and his own talent , he was able to get a lot of experience in the field of engraving and embossed work which some of the outstanding ones are as follow :

The entrance doors of Emam Reza’s harem the door under the chanlier and the two doors of the golden porch , the entrance door to his excellency Amiral Momenin ALI ( the king of moslems) next is the gold and silver door for the Sheik of Kuwait by the design of master of art Javad Shirazi and some other works which master of art Eskandari has engraved total of 30 doors and Zareeh . ( some kind of cover for the grave ) . him and master Dehnavi have been worked together for almost one year in Dubai and Esfahan and also have been in 79 foreign and 56 domestic shows .