Master of art Ali Zarifee Esfahani was born in 1936 . he stated his work engraving since he was 4 years old . it is more than 70 years that he is working on different branches of engraving . from the age of 4 to 7 , he was working with a very skillful individual in a place called Karvansara OF Haji Ali  . this this Karvansara that he was working in , was not an ordinary place  . it was like a high ranking university of art switch . most of distinguished artists of Esfahan were already working there , doing painting , engraving , enameling and other metal and art works . from the age of 7 to 10 , he was working with another master . at the age of 10 he realized that he likes engraving . he was working and testing different metals of engraving for himself . almost 20 years ago for the first time , he was able to do embossed work on  a dish to the paint that masters and experts of that time were telling him that he has built the embossed piece seperately  and has welled it to the body which was not true , because at that time cupper welding had not been invented . at this time , he is doing lattice working and serving the art lovers around the world .