Master Of Art , Akbar Bozorgian was born in Esfahan in 1955 and since he was 6 years old , he has been working in the Samovar’s bazar making consumer goods . at the age of 14 he was a very skillful metal maker . by specializing himself and working with distinguished masters of art in Esfahan doing their base works . because of his interest and special talent in this field which is called Fretwork , he was able to reach all the way to the top and beside the art of Fret working become an expert in engraving also to the point that his works can be seen in museums inside and outside of the country . in the field of Fret working and metal works he did not have any specific coach but in the field of engraving he has followed experts such as Alaghemandan and Dehnavi . like master Dehnavi , he has showed a lot of interests to the time of Achaemenian specially Persepolis and to the works of Sasanian and Saljooghi . because of the fact that he is the only one at the present time and also in the past who could do both works make the metal and engrave it at the same time , his works is very unique and valuable and can be seen in many museums inside and outside of the country such as exhibition of handcrafts in Chehelsotoon ( palace of forty posts ) Esfahan and in the year 1990 Shiraz and year 1991 Tehran , year 1992 Tabriz , year 1993 Tehran and also 2000 and since few years ago he has showed a number of his works at the Tehran museum of handcrafts and has been awarded several boards and letters of appreciation . at the present time , in addition work on metals such as gold silver cupper and metals and engraving he is teaching to the students of Fret working at the Esfahan’s university of art and has been an encourager to the students and those who have an interest in this field of art