Haj Mohammad Joharian was born in October 1321 in Isfahan
From the age of 13, he learned steel making from his father
They were steel makers and they were skilled in inking and kofifing.
He was also an unrivaled master in making signs. He was 20 years old when he made the largest steel statue of Prophet Moses, the Tablet of Ten Commandments and the staff that turned into a dragon.
Haj Mohammad nurtured many students who were rightly successful in this matter and from his family are the late Master Hossein Joharian, the late Master Reza Joharian and his son Master Majid Joharian.
Haj Mohammad was not only a master in the field of steel, but he was also a great expert in old and artistic objects, and he was a master in painting, which includes painting and processing on steel, and the works of this artist are scattered in all the museums of Iran and the world. .
And finally, on the 9th of Azar, 1379, he put his face in a dust mask.
God bless him.