Date of birth : 1944

Place of birth : Esfahan

Education :

1959 entered into Esfahan’s school of fine arts

6 years education students of art

Major :

Picture painting

Teachers coaches :

Javad Rostam Shirazi

Javad Eftekhari ( both master of arts )

Service employment history :

Start to work as a teacher and instructor at technical school teaching and training art students

Duration of employment :

30 years education at services to the community and training and delivering to the society many distinguished art specialists

Field of training and teaching :

Traditional design , Lattice work , Wood Working , Ceramic working . created many outstanding works .

History of works and effects :

Designing of the Doom of Emamzadeh Jafar Reza . ( Next to Esfahan’s airport )

Designing of the Monument of 3 closed allies of prophet Mohammad in Rogheh Syria

Designing of her majesty Roghieh’s Zarih in Syria and designing of several religious centers ceramic working in Oman and Iran

Setting up art exhibitions in Beijing , China

Present activities and Arts :

Training and teaching art students in his personal studio

Receiving the highest ranking medal in painting in 1380 from civil council of evaluation of artists