Date of Birth: 1961/2/16

Place of birth: Isfahan – Iran

Art course: Painting (Miniature)

Precedence of Art activity: 40 years


To participate in more than 50 national and international exhibition abroad

Having teaching experience in university and Iranian cultural heritage Organization classes

Member of Iran’s fifth Miniature biennial juries

Member of Isfahan <Moozeh daran> association

Management and teaching at a private art institution


Asian convention / Pakistan / 1994

Iran cultural week of Iran / Croatia / 1995

The fifth year of anniversary of  Pakistan independence /Lukverse museum/ Pakistan /1997

Qatar / Doha / 1998

Kazakhstan / 2001

Azerbaijan / 2002

Italy / 2003

Germany / 2004

Belarus / 2005

Kyrgyzstan / 2006

Art /Culture exhibition on the Beijing Olympic Games/china/ 2008

Morocco / 2008

Turkmenistan / 2009

Germany / 2010

miniature biennials in Tehran

Isfahan teachers exhibition

An exhibition of the koranic hits (participated in the teachers department) / Isfahan

Shams-dar-aeene-shamseh festival / Imam Ali museum / Tehran

Tarigh-e-javid festival / Iran / Tehran university


The first rank in painting-handicrafts convention / Pakistan

Praised by Croatian minister of culture

Elect of the third, fourth and sixth Miniature biennials of Iran

The best rank in Imam Ali museum festival

The best rank in Shams-dar-ayenehe-shames festival

The best rank in Tarigh-e- javid festival / Iran / Tehran University

Awarded the glad trophy in cultural exhibition of Iran on Beijing Olympic games 2008, by the ambassador of Iran in China

Awarded the diploma of Honor in the nations festival/ Turkmenistan

Awarded the trophy and plate of commendation in the intellects glorification ceremony by Baran academy, affiliated to the Isfahan cultural-recreational organization.

Awarded the plate of commendation on glorifying Isfahan art veterans by the minister of culture and Islamic guidance

Praised by Imam Khomeini Negarestan Gallery/ Isfahan