By the name of portraitist that in the orient of the Tajadod Gallery , created a paradise and named it Esfahan , and everybody right fully called it half of the world , but half of its beauty , is the whole beauty of nourishing of the spirit .

Today , I Saeed Tajadod will be happy to express my appreciation to his excellency mightily God and to be great full , however poor from inhabitants of the city of love and madness precious Esfahan and by announcing to the world in my newly established website the opening of a tavern of love to create this opportunity for every artist and every ingenious in art who either belongs to this homeland or is in love with the art of this beautiful lovely minstrel of the orient to get a taste of a drop or a rush of a sea which ever fits his artistic desire and in the horizon of the beauties follows the trail hominess , I call upon you who are the guardian of this littoral territory with the voice of kindness to fly with us in his figurative space to the highest point and be a pot-companion of the tavern of love and as a confederate search through the milky way of traditional art crafts and artists and stop by on your way knock their doors for a friendly chat .

Sincerely yours