Mehdi Alamdari was born in 1326 in the city of Isfahan. His father was a gardener and he learned penmanship with his brothers from his uncle (Sayed Mohammad Qalamizadeh). He lost his father when he was a teenager and he continued his education until Sekel and at the same time he learned penmanship from his uncle and from the masters of the market. He gained more and more penmanship skills as a teacher and student. From the age of 20, he worked independently as a penman and at the same time he taught many students, and it was during these times that he thought more about the artistic aspect of his work and started creating art samples. In addition to penmanship, he designed and made miniatures and made many paintings in miniature style with paints and oils. Currently, three art disciplines have been permanently established in his workshop, including calligraphy, miniatures, and carpet design. In addition to these, they are active in the field of volumetric disciplines such as plastering sculpture and building decorations. The statue of a boy riding a horse with a polo is one of his examples.